Economic development plays an important role in any community, and that’s why thinking strategically about economic development activities is a worthy investment. Carefully planning economic development efforts results in proactive initiatives that can better
serve residents by addressing major needs in a community or by taking full
advantage of existing assets.

The City of Amarillo and the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (Amarillo EDC) believe that a comprehensive economic development strategy, supported and shared by both entities, can organize community goals into actionable steps, delineate responsibilities among stakeholders and provide a clear timeline for the execution of efforts. 

For this reason, in November of 2016, the City of Amarillo and the Amarillo EDC agreed to co-fund a contract awarded to Avalanche Consulting, in cooperation with CDS, to develop an Economic Development Strategic Plan for the community. The seven month process to complete the strategy is estimated to be completed in June 2017.

During this in depth process there will be multiple trips to the Amarillo region, various stakeholder engagement events such as interviews, focus groups and public forums where we will ask the citizens of Amarillo to participate in discussions about Amarillo’s economic future. Join us in this discussion to help shape the future of Amarillo and the High Plains.