Project Partners

Amarillo’s Economic Development Strategy will be led by the City of Amarillo and Amarillo EDC, with Avalanche Consulting and CDS serving as consultants. The City and Amarillo EDC will provide in-depth knowledge of the community and recent economic development efforts, while Avalanche Consulting and CDS will bring in economic development and market research expertise from an outsider’s perspective. This collaboration will result in an honest portrait of the current economic state of Amarillo that also provides the knowledge and expertise necessary to optimize future economic development efforts.


City of Amarillo

Part of the Great Plains and the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo had its beginnings in 1887, when the Fort Worth-Denver City railroad was constructed across the Texas Panhandle. Centrally located in the Texas Panhandle, bordered by New Mexico and Oklahoma, Amarillo’s economic history was closely tied to agriculture and the energy industry. These days businesses such as copper refining, fiberglass production, meat packing, weapons disassembly, customer service operations and aircraft assembly plant have diversified the city’s economy. Serving as a regional medical center also plays a key role in Amarillo’s economy. Today, Amarillo is home to 190,695 (per 2010 Census) people and always welcomes newcomers. Amarillo is a strong community of neighborhoods; proud of the quality of life assets available to residents and visitors alike. A wonderful city to live, work and play!

Amarillo Economic Development Corporation

The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation promotes business expansion in the greater Amarillo area to build a stronger, more diversified economy and increase the economic vitality and wealth of the community. With programs focusing on business recruitment, business expansion and retention, as well as entrepreneurship, the Amarillo EDC is dedicated to helping grow Amarillo's economy for tomorrow's generations. 

Avalanche Consulting

Avalanche Consulting is the nation's premier economic development strategist. Avalanche is deeply driven to make a                                                                    positive impact and seek clients who are equally inspired to                                                                      energize their economies. Headquartered in Austin, Texas,                                                                        Avalanche was established in 2005 and its team has assisted                                                                      more than 200 communities across the US and abroad.


CDS is a leading national consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas, providing economic analysis, public planning, and market research services to clients in a wide variety of industries. Since 1971, CDS has remained at the forefront of the industry by doing three things:

1.    Staying actively involved in numerous professional and trade associations.

2.    Providing clear, unbiased, and up-to-date solutions by employing the most appropriate and cost effective research methods.

3.    Utilizing solution-oriented analysis teams to focus on each project assignment adapted to your needs.